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About Taipei Tech Personnel Office

The Taipei Tech Personnel Office has proven itself to be the cornerstone of the school throughout the years. In 1994 and 1997, the school underwent major organizational changes by order of the Ministry of Education. The school was promoted from a five-year college to a technological institute and then to a technological university respectively in these three years, and the Personnel Office was one of the offices that planned and executed the reformation of the school administrative and personnel structure.

Members of the Taipei Tech Personnel Office now comprise of one director, two divisional chiefs, five administrators, and one specialist. Of the two divisions, the Employment Division oversees school department/office structure; the employment, promotion, secondment, and substitution of instructors; the employment and transfer of administrative personnel; and personnel database management. The Benefits Division oversees personnel training, in-service education, working hours, evaluation, benefits, salary, insurance, pension, social events, and complaints.

In addition to drafting, executing, and informing human resources regulations in school, the Taipei Tech Personnel Office also promotes in-service education and training opportunities and strives that the benefits of faculty and staff be met. Staff of the office all takes pride as a “Personnel Office Personnel” and continues to equip ourselves with the latest human resources laws and regulations, in hope to provide the best service to the school faculty and staff.

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